​I scowl with frustration at myself in the mirror. Damn my hair- it just won’t behave. I have to look good today, after all, it’s my first date (i like to call it a date). Well, it is the first, after my ugly divorce with ‘fate‘. 

            I’m wearing my cherry red dress, the one that fate gave me on our anniversary, it’s been a year since we were together. My memory of that night is as bright as the color of my dress, I remember how he gifted me the dress and insisted me to wear it for the dinner we were going to that evening and how I resisted, thinking that I would look like a cherry tomato with it.  But he believed that I will look beautiful, that’s how he convinced me(he was always good at it). We went to our favorite restaurant and just as I was having a sip of my favorite soup, he stopped, got up and went on his knee. I couldn’t believe all this was happening so soon.  He pulled his right hand from behind his back and presented me a ring, wrapped in a beautiful box of purple orchids(i would marry a ghost if it’s for purple orchids). I stood there all this time really looking as a cherry tomato, cause I just couldn’t stop blushing. That is how we got married. Everything was lovely in my life,  all was good. 

              But things got different with time. My bond with fate was not in love so much now, in fact, there wasn’t any love left on our plate. Our relationship was living on fights and arguments. I really have loved him, but he was different then. He promised me many things when we were together, he told me he’ll take me to places I haven’t seen before,  he promised me to gift me all the happiness in life.  But maybe promises are meant to be broken. That’s why he didn’t keep his either. I started to feel encaged, suffocating in this claustrophobic marriage that once was a fairytale.

              I remember sobbing on my bathroom floor every night for five weeks consecutively. It wasn’t until one day when I finally made my decision to leave that relationship and that marriage and decided to take charge of my life and that’s how I ended up here. 
               I never thought I would start dating again but,  it’s all beautiful, especially with ‘Dream‘ (well she’s the one I’m going out with for my dinner date). Things are different around ‘dream‘, I feel like a completely different person when I am with her,  she is funny and charming, chirpy like a canary. She is filled with this immense joy which also reflects onto the people she’s with.  She tells me stories about the place she comes from,  ‘WONDERLAND’  if I’m not wrong,  she tells me how lovely the place is,  she’s also promised to take me there someday too. To WONDERLAND.
                We met for the dinner,  she looked like a purple orchid in that purple dress (my favorite). We had our food perfectly savored with dream’s chattering. I didn’t really pay any attention to what she was blabbering about, because, all I was doing was asking a question to myself,  one question, can love happens twice? 


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