How beautifully it is explained, the nature of humankind, just in two lines. Isn’t it true that “I’ll do it later” has become our leitmotif and “next time” our favorite phrase? Procrastination has become like our favorite pet, wherever we go it follows us. We resist to do things now and adjourn them assuming do it the next time. Here the next time is nothing but a web of deceit and yet we all are beguiled in this mesh. From getting a job, to playing an instrument. From following our dream to learning a new language. From making a decision to going to the loo. We procrastinate all.

But why do we procrastinate? You might say it is helpful in a way to procrastinate in the beginning before acting on an impulsive thought rather than finding it in the end that it was just an impulse. Well, the problem is not in procrastinating but it’s when the “next time” becomes never. We have got used to it so much that now we tend to procrastinate little things, just say, going to the loo. 

We all understand it well but are too lazy to stop it.  Procrastination is hands down our favorite form of self-sabotage.

*18+ alert*

*procrastination is just like masturbation, fun until you realize that you just fucked yourself*

There are two types of people,  the one is the goal setters and the others are the goal achievers. And the only thing that separates the achievers from the setters is that they are the ones who do things in the moment, sometimes they fail but, they fail fearlessly. They not just set the goals but actually work towards ’em to achieve. So where do you find yourself? Are you a goal achiever or just a setter. Because the most important key to great success is to decide upon your goal, launch, get started, take action, move.

So don’t let your ambitions get handicapped by the laziness. Today, stop making excuses for why you can’t get it done and start focusing on why you must make it happen. Begin to get it done cause dreams don’t work unless you do. 

Delaying is gonna give you nothing. Delay is just an assassin of opportunity. And laziness is the thief of time. laziness leads many people astray.

Dear friend, the wheel of time spins and it spins fast, once you loose your grip, it’s difficult to catch up.

So take the first step here and now. Make a decision. Whatever you want to do, do it now!

Cause there are only so many tomorrows.

Where do you start then?  Here, now or there is still a tomorrow coming… ♥ 



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