“One day. I am going to fulfill my dream, I am gonna go out there and just make it happen. I am going to live my life to the highest potential of my being ….. one day….”

If asked, “why not today?”  Why not make this day the desired ‘one day’. Ninety percent of the time our response is exactly the same, with similar words and similar reasons. We say “it’s not the time, I don’t have enough money, I don’t have a proper team, I am not sure about it or I don’t have space, don’t know the process, I don’t this, I don’t that, just I bloody don’t.

When you pay attention to the above statements, you’ll find that most of the time we tend to back off by complaining about the lack of resources that we encountered. Also, the resources that we talk about aren’t just the resources we need. What about love, passion, courage and dedication? The love for the work,  the passion for it, the hearty courage and the consistent dedication of making it happen. Yet nobody talks about them and simply complain about the other less important factors. Do you see where does the problem lie here? 

The problem is that we tend to grumble about the resources which aren’t present instead of utilizing the ones which are present. 

So resources are never a problem, its resourcefulness that creates all of them. It all depends on how resourceful you are despite the complexities.
Conditioning has really shaped this world. One of the gifts that conditioning has given us is that it has made all of us storytellers. We all love to tell stories, the real ones and sometimes the made-up versions, the fiction we call it. Now it’s not bad to tell stories but sometimes the context of these stories can be subjective to be minacious. Do you wanna know what’s stopping you?

It’s you. It might come as a surprise but it is true that these terrible tiny tales we tell ourselves are actually the ones that are holding us back. These are the stories that you soliloquy about how you aren’t capable enough, brave enough, strong enough, worthy enough, that you can’t do it,  you could not make it, that it’s better not to try and be in the bubble in protection. These are the stories that disempower you, which you use to console oneself, these are the ones that can tear you apart. And it is you who’s telling all these tales cause you doubt yourself, you’re afraid. You don’t like to be in pain. What if it won’t work out? what if it hurts me? We fear the pain, but that’s where you have to start the work. I’ll tell you what pain means, PAIN stands for PAY ATTENTION INWARD NOW. It is the fuel that’ll drive you towards the light, through the tenebrosity of the tunnel called life. You got to pay attention inward,  within your heart, inside your brain and figure out the things that are no longer pushing you forward and leave them behind,  you don’t need them. 
We are defined by the stories we tell ourselves, so I want you to get still and pay attention to the stories that you had been telling yourself all your life. If you find it to be a negative one then erase it and rewrite another, write the ones that inspire you, motivates you, that keeps you going, which tell your worth. 

Believe in yourself, don’t doubt yourself.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Stop living in the past, as living your history, you are doing it at the expense of your destiny.
Hold the brush and paint the bigger picture, pick up the pen and start writing the script of your life. Write that you could, you can and you will. Now or never. ♥



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