657986Tik..tok… tik.. tok….tik…tok.. . And the world revolves around the clock. Yet some of us stand still and stubborn waiting and whining for the right time to arrive. If you’re waiting for the same, let me tell you that this wait is gonna be eternal. It’s never ending unless you put an end to it.
We all are given a certain amount of time to try out our lives, our destinies, our hopes, our plans. And this certain Amount is always decreasing from this moment forward. It’s getting smaller and smaller with every passing minute. It is said that time is wealth, so with every passing second, you are surrendering your wealth. But here there is no chance of receiving it back as you cannot buy it, cannot grow it, cannot ask for more, all you can do is to lose it.
We all want to succeed in our lives, we all want to shine like diamonds in the world of rocks. But we waste our time, we abuse it and if nothing works out we get comfortable in the luxury of BMW(bitching, mourning and whining).

But we don’t have any revolutionary magic to help us. And that’s where the mind-shift needs to take place. We need to create that pressure for ourselves to be those diamonds, so stop worrying and stop wasting and leave here with a decision. The decision to do the good you’ve come to do and get about the business of doing it. But make sure you are going to step into what is the truth of your life. I don’t need to tell you what that truth is because you really know what it is and what it isn’t. Find what makes your heart burn with passion. And next time you find yourself wasting this precious gift, pause of a moment and utilize that moment for better. Do it, start living the life of your dreams, you can do it cause its possible and it’s possible only if you do it NOW.

We all are blessed with 86,400 times with new opportunities to create change every day. We just gotta use it mindfully. You might be scared cause you don’t know it all but, you don’t need to know it all. Sometimes you can go wrong. Be willing to go wrong cause you haven’t stopped growing, you haven’t stopped learning.
It’s also not gonna happen overnight, you have to take one step forward in the right direction and then the other. Do it again and again and be consistent, cause that’s the only way to reach there.

As you’ve learned it all, stop wasting your time here, get there, get out and put up that fight, don’t give in to the fear, don’t give in to the anxiety.
Guard your time fiercely, be generous with it, but be intentional about it.
Be intelligent and spend it wisely. It’s your time, your clock, your wings, your trip, your journey, your healing, your loving, your wealth, your body. It’s you and your time.

And it doesn’t matter whether you pay attention or not cause the clock always goes tik….tok….. tik…tok..tik. .tok and it goes on…e7305c5bc2f2f29e44e347d84ca9a935


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