They say that if you surround yourself with great people, you make yourself great too..  I believed what they said for a long time, but now I was afraid that it isn’t gonna work out. Cause what was stopping me  from becoming great was the devil inside my own soul. It was the ego I had, the fears i feared. It was my another persona, my own compeer.                                                                    I realised that I had made this devil my aide, my mentor. So whatever the situations might be, i used to rely on this devil. But he wasn’t the wellwisher, cause he didn’t believed i was good enough, he didn’t believed i could make it, he didn’t wished that I might try. And I believed him. I believed his beliefs to be true for myself.

But the things were not working out and darkness took over me. I struggled in that tenebrosity, until one day when i saw a gleam in that darkness and a shadow emerged. I later realized that it wasn’t a shadow but was another luminescence. I stared at it. It looked just like me, as if i am experiencing my own reflection in the mirror. But here it wasn’t the reflection of my body but was the reflection of my soul, bright and dazzling. It held me and dragged me out of that dusk and disappeared..              What was it?                                                              It was my inner self.  The SOUL.

And now i knew the two sides of my being, one was the dark and the other was the gleaming (whom i had never acknowledged before). With this i had two choices;  one was to return to the dark and stay hidden from the world,safe and sound. And the other was to get prepared to get burned in the glory of my own light.                                    I chose the later…. Why?                                      Because I never wanted to be safe, I was okay with being little vulnerable. I didn’t wish to stay at one place cause i wanted to fly with freedom.

I felt the transformation. But this time it wasn’t physical cause I still looked the same. But it was internal as i felt different.   The devil was replaced with my own self, the one i trusted more, the one with the light and this time it believed in me too.         So why was i feeding the devil when i was having the choice to get feed by my soul.

This is what is important; don’t listen to what others say or think. Moreover don’t even listen to that negative self of you too.  Because you have a potential more than what you think you have and are capable of more than what you think you can. You just need to replace those disempowering beliefs with the ones that empower you, inspire you to take challenges and fulfill those Dreams. Listen to that inner voice and make it your GPS ,let it guide you through your life,your journey, your adventures. Believe that small voice cause thats the voice of your soul, your alter ego. And it knows ‘you‘ much more than you do.

Its my request to the Artist within..        Please learn the art of believing…♥ ♥


6 thoughts on “THE ART OF BELIEVING..

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