What’s the most frightful thing that most people are afraid of,  for a long time I wondered it was death. The dawn of demise. Later experienced that its not death that we are afraid of. The real agitation is about that moment, the moment of truth we all face while breathing the last breaths, living those last seconds and realizing that ‘all the time you’ve been on this planet,  you never truly lived.’  You never lived cause you doubted yourself, you never lived cause you never believed yourself,  you never lived because you gave up on your dreams. And that would be the worst day of Life

The truth says that when asked to someone counting their last breaths, about the regrets they have in their life, we see that the experiences had and the adventures taken never make up to the regret list at all but what makes up to the list are the ones which never saw the daylight, the ones that were never turned into reality. This reality applies to everyone, that the biggest regrets we have in our lives are about the things we didn’t do, about the dreams we never persued, about the adventures we never ventured.

I ask you a simple question, If you Die today,  what are the things that are going to die with you?  What talents?  What gifts?  What ideas? are going to be buried with your ashes. 

Do you know where is the wealthiest place on the planet?  Its not Paris, no Singapore, not United States. But its the Graveyard. Because in the graveyard you’ll find the inventions never invented,  businesses never erected, songs never sung, books never written, ideas never nurtured. People never relised because they were scared, scared as me, scared like you. 

A lot of people die full.  Full of their dreams, full of their talents, full of their ideas, full of skills, full of intelligence and abilities, that they never reach for, they never attached, they never got into, they never used it, just never used it.. 

Do you wanna know something else –You’re not into that graveyard, atleast not yet. But you have one life and with every passing moment you are paving your way towards your destination, So with that every moment passing by, you have to make sure to be there and live and rejoice your presence with your being. Cause you know how precious this moment is..

I don’t care what race, what gender or what experiences and circumstances you had been through. But I know one thing , that you have a Dream. The one that you’ve hidden from the world, the one you delayed, the one you resisted, the one that even when everyone told you to be realistic, you dreamed it for yourself.

Take care of that dream, lay the foundation now because what you have is this one moment. So whatever the legacy you want to leave, leave that legacy. And live for the moment.

One last question; 

If this would be the last day of your life,  what will you do differently…?  



  1. A Great and Wonderful Thought put Up…….

    It’s there in Everyone …..They just have to See Inside Themselves…….
    Great Keep it up


  2. If this was my last day & I had to do something different I would surely try cherishing every moment of that day & also the one’s I lived before..
    Without any regrets then I would be happy to end my life as I feel that whatever I wanted is given to me till date..!
    And now to tell you about the article, ITS ASTONISHING !!😍😍


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