JOURNEY vs DESTINATION -which way to go? 


Hello friends, sorry it took quite a long for me to come up with something for you.

Busy life you know…! 😁
Alright so lets begin here today, lets talk about the famous citation that “Journey is more important than the destination”.

I will like to kick this off with famous Drake quote, drake..?  you all know drake?

‘you used to call me on my cellphone..’-drake.

Drake said that ” Sometimes the journey teaches us more about the destination

Wow, he actually summed up the entire epic of life in single sentence. Well we actually know this at our hearts that journey is important or journey teaches us or live the journey and so onn, but even after knowing all this,we all tend to commit the classic mistake, the mistake of considering the destination as the ultimatum and we thrive our lives just to reach at the destination. Cause you know what,  the destination is a fixed goal and once you set it up you are committed to a single thing and sell yourself and your sweat for that one thing, now here im not telling you that its bad to have focus in life, i just want to clear a simple thing that what if after all that hardwork and efforts you do but in the end you realize that those efforts were never worth it, what if you realize that in order to achieve that one single destination you missed millions of moments of happiness of your life,  see its not bad to have a plan what I’m saying is that there can be a plan which can be better than that what we have for ourselves. A plan made by God just for you and what you need do is just to hear to that calling the calling of the universe, of your heart. Cause if once you hear that calling and surrender yourself to that bigger plan, i tell you, it will take you to places you wouldn’t have dreamt of either.

So you gotta enjoy that journey and get yourself prepared for the surprises that are coming. Sometimes your cars are going to breakdown but still you need to take that road and be ready to walk that road even if it means barefoot.
Just think for a moment because destination is the body and the journey is the soul. Then why you’re giving more importance to the body, because even a body without soul is a dead body. Also when you reach the destination you stop to grow cause if you reach the top of the mountain there is nothing more higher to climb cause all the roads from that top are the ones that goes down, and you never want to go down.

So stop thriving for that destination and take it easy cause you gotta enjoy the journey. But you gotta also need some prerequisites for the journey and that are your good clothes cause you can’t afford to  not to look good, cause after all its your life journey, so you have to look fabulous, also don’t miss your Starbucks cause you gotta keep yourself refreshed and energized. And the most important this is to take a bagpack. Just make sure its empty cause you have to fill it with your memories and experiences.

So lets get started and see you all at the finish line. ♥


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