Amazing spiritual coach Robin Sharma explains fear brilliantly from the above quote.

One simple question, Do you have fear?  Yes you do! we all do,infact  fear is what’s responsible for the evolution of the human race. We all fear something,  its what keeps us alive. Fear is what makes us understand and resist putting our hand in the flame by being afraid of getting burned, which is right,  yes?  It is the biological intent of fear.  The problem lies when we get fearful of anything and everything and get afraid to try anything ‘new and curious’ by fearing to get burned in that flame. 

I’m sure you all must be very familiar with the above quote,  you’ve heard it million times, you know it for sure but, how many of you can tell me ‘when you stood up against your fears and conquered it yourself? Have you realised your fears? Have you even tried to figure out ‘what’s stopping you?’ the answer remains unknown. So here we are now knowing everything we fear but, fearing everything we know.  We all have surrounded ourselves with the comfortable things and settling into our bubbles, the comfort zones. ‘The comfort zones are safe to be in because they are safe to live in.’ We all want  to experience the impossible but, its hardly possible for us to take a step out of our comforting bubbles.

We all wanna experience the wonders of unknown,we all want to see new things  but on that same path which we take everyday.  What we don’t know is that all those new things and all those wonders are awaiting for you to experience and live them, they all are waiting for you to experience those Aha moments’. All you’re asked is to take one step outside of those comfort zones, just one single step and you’ll witness the Awe of universe. 

The only reason we ‘fear’ is because we have told ourselves some stories. Stories that we had kept on telling ourselves about the things we couldn’t achieve, or the things we couldn’t be. These are our personal stories that we have told ourself since years as we came into existence.  So the first step is to stop telling that same story and take one right step in the direction of ‘boundless freedom‘. You all must be having many reasons to not to do so but, all of your excuses are nothing but B.S. (belief systems)!

We all are born with the potential to rise higher above the horizons of success, we also know about our capabilities,  we have the desire to reach for something huge too.  All that’s required is stopping to relive on this drug in our life and take the step in the direction of our Dreams.

 Let’s promise ourselves and our hearts that no matter what the circumstances are also what the consequences might be, we will see this world through the eyes of a child for whom there is no fear of nothing  all he has is just curiosity. And then my friend we’ll experience the unimagined, the AWE….

FEAR stands for 

  • F-alse
  • E-vidence
  • A-ppearing 
  • R-eal. 

Fear has two meanings: forget everything and run  OR 

Face everything and Rise. The choice is yours.

Cause ultimately its not about you can’t,  its about will you? 



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