We all have heard the above lines from the greatest dreamer of history ‘Walt Disney’. Which is so true in this world because dreams to me is the synonym for future  cause i have this conviction that whatever you believe is what you’re gonna be.  It works in three simple steps: 1) ask/dream, 2)believe, 3) receive it with your efforts.

Well that sounds easy isn’t it?  Now as it’s easy and beings human by our just nature and with our birthright to complicate the things which are already sorted of. The same goes here. 

Many people just can’t understand that dreaming or being a dreamer is not any sort of mental entertainment or living in false beliefs, but its about believing in yourself that you can create and accomplish something more higher,more bigger than what you’ve ever imagined yourself to be. So the lesson one is to DARE TO DREAM.

Also its not just dreaming of something and anything which  is just huge externally but hollowed out from inside with no personal gratitude towards it. What we need to understand is that we need to find ourselves the perfect dream,  based on our talents,gifts and also the purpose cause its not just picking the random things without any actual knowledge which we master in rather its all about knowing, realizing,understanding the reason behind your choice of dream. 

Here I’m not limiting your possibility to approach the goal or dream instead i would tell you to realize the importance of that dream for you. 

Is it really significant to me?  Is it gonna help me to use my full potential through the help of my gifts and talents? and the ultimate question, is it gonna make me happy? Are the few questions you need to ask yourself.

So what’s that you believe your dream is?  Is it ‘big‘ because why to settle for the medium sized peice when you are capable to have an extra large one ,cause its just same as the food you need to maintain your body. You need healthy dreams to nourish your soul.

And lastly just dreaming the right dream dosen’t gets done everything for you,it is the effort you take in to accomplish that dream and make it your reality.  Cause Afterall a dream is gonna be just dream if not made to come in reality. You are blessed with some beautiful talents and are given the incredible opportunity of usings your gifts in the form of life. 

So what are you waiting for? Go dream and live the life you want. ♥  

And keep feeding your soul  🙂


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