There is a famous quote by MARK TWAIN which says

There are two important days in your life,the one when you’re born and the other when you find out why? “

We all remember the day we were born but hardly take concern for the second.

Cause in reality  our Alice is still wandering in her wonderland. This time she is with ‘GPS’ but unfortunately has no direction.

We people are so busy staring to the glam of success lights which outshines over our eyes, leaving us blind and misguided. When is the realization coming?

Nowadays we come across many people around us talking about passions and purposes‘. I usually used to wonder that “what is this term called ‘PURPOSE’?”

This is what i understand about it;

My belief is that everything in this universe is here for a specified reason. Accordingly every being on this planet is here for a reason,a reason which has profound logic behind. This reason in other terms is called as “PURPOSE”. So everyone has a purpose,the purpose given to us with our birth. And what is required is complete fulfillment of this purpose with a justification known as our ‘LIFE’.

In other words its the gift we’re blessed with. The quality which makes us stand apart from the billion others. So our purpose is to use this gift to help this world in someway. To contribute to this marvelous world and to make it more beautiful and a better place. ♥

What are you waiting for then?  Find your gifts,know them, embrace them, fulfill your purpose and live the life you dream and are destined for.

I found mine sometime back,  Have you found yours? ♥ ♥ Purpose-of-Life-Quotes-002



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